Utility Outage Preparedness

The San Luis Valley is vulnerable to interruptions in utility services. Here are a few questions to consider evaluating your preparedness for a possible extended outage.

  1. If an outage occurs during very cold weather, will you have an alternate way to heat your home?
  2. If you need to leave your home due to extreme cold during a power outage, have you identified a place you can go? It could be a friend, family, or neighbor’s home with an alternate heating source or a generator.
  3. Do you depend on electricity for durable medical equipment or oxygen? Talk with your provider about how you can be prepared for possible power interruptions.
  4. If the power is out, you may have difficulty doing daily tasks like shopping with a debit or credit card, or putting gas in your car. Try to keep the gas tank in your car at least half full at all times. Set aside some cash in your emergency kit.

SLVREC: Report outages at 719-852-3538 or 800-332-7634

Xcel Energy: What to do when the power goes out

Water utility interruptions: See our Water and Flooding page.