There is no time like the present to prepare for emergencies. If you do it now, while you are thinking clearly and not under stress, you will be ready for if an emergency comes your way.

How to prepare your household for COVID-19 

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS: Make sure you will receive emergency notifications in your area.  Sign up to receive emergency notifications.  Learn more about specific hazards and how to prepare for them.

There are many hazards that could cause you to need to evacuate your home or shelter in place. Build an emergency kit stocked with the items you would need in an emergency, such as important papers, food, water, a change of clothing, medications, and pet supplies.  Make sure to have a family communication plan as well.

Empower your children by getting them involved too.

Private Sector Resilience

Utility Outage Preparedness

Water and Flooding Preparedness

Fire Preparedness

Sheltering in Place Video

Xcel Energy – Power outages

National Weather Service

Water and Flooding
Download the SLV High Water Information Guide (PDF)