Public Health Update for 10/1/2020

The SLV currently has 15 known active COVID-19 cases. See more data, here:

Public Health encourages those who have COVID-19 symptoms to get tested. Testing helps keep the level of illness low in our community, while also helping us keep an accurate picture of how the illness is spreading. 

Public Health would also like to remind the community that it is the time of year for flu shots! Influenza (Flu) vaccination is a safe and effective way to help prevent spreading the flu. Getting a flu shot is especially important this year due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19. The CDC recommends flu vaccination for all people who are six months of age and older. Talk to your primary care provider or visit your local pharmacy today to see if influenza vaccination is right for you. 

 The Valley Public Health Departments continue to work towards certifying for Protect Our Neighbors status; however, whether or not we really get to move forward depends on if we can maintain the relatively low number of cases that we have seen over the past weeks. This means that it is up to each individual community member to continue practicing effective COVID-19 prevention such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and practicing physical distancing by staying at least six feet away from others. We’re all in this together, and if everybody does their part, we can succeed in opening the Valley further. 

To pursue testing for COVID-19, or for medical questions, call:

  • Rio Grande Hospital 719-657-4990
  • SLVHealth Respiratory Clinic 719-589-2511 ext. 9 
  • Valley-Wide Health Systems 719-589-3658 ext. 9 (M-F), 719-589-2562 (Sa/Su)

For general (non-medical) SLV COVID-19 related questions:, 719-480-8719

October 1, 2020

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