About Us

Why we created SLVEmergency.org

During the West Fork Fire Complex in 2013 the San Luis Valley identified a need for an online information sharing platform that could be used by authorities during an emergency to quickly and easily share accurate information with the public. As a result, this website was created and supplemented with social media. SLV Regional Emergency Coordination Committee (ECC) encourages all SLV residents to share this website with your family, friends, and communities.  When local authorities within our six-county region request regional assistance, www.SLVEmergency.org will provide clear, concise and accurate up-to-date information.

During an emergency situation, responding agencies may request assistance from this page. Public information officers working with the agency or agencies involved in the emergency response will post updated information under the direction of the requesting agency.

Questions about this website may be sent by email to mincoemc@gmail.com.